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    Trying to superimpose, failing miserably.


      I have Premiere Elements 15 for Mac. I have been trying to superimpose a video of someone singing against  over another video. I have tried Videomerge but only bits of the background come through. I have also tried making mattes in Photoshop, but even though I have been following directions to the letter, the mattes don't work. Nothing works, except for a 4 point garbage matte. Even with adjustments, it looks awful. I wanted to superimpose the singer, not put him in a black box. I have been at it for hours and have searched the manual and these forums for ideas. I still cannot do this. I've tried using Difference Matte, Track Matte, and Non Red Key as well. I've tried so many things that I can't remember them all, and my head is spinning.


      Will I have to re-shoot my footage against a green or blue screen? I used black because that was my friend's setup.


      I hope someone can help me.