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    Adobe Acrobat DC Pro - Editing on Android (Mobile App)

    michaelf22773044 Level 1

      I just signed up for the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro application, and have installed the related mobile application on my Android device. Both the sales page and the salesperson I spoke with told me I could edit PDFs on my Android device. However, now that I have it installed, I only see Create PDF and Export PDF functions...no edit. How do I edit the text for PDFs I create on my android device?

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          Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

          Hi Michaelf,



          I am not sure what they have told you and I would we are sorry about that.

          Currently, there is no option to edit PDF using Acrobat Reader on Android. Editing is only possible with Acrobat Reader app only on iPad not even on iPhone. And is possible using Acrobat on Laptop/Desktop.


          Please let us know if you have further questions.




          -Tariq Dar

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            jeromen5579890 Level 1

            What do you mean" what they told you"?? It's on the damn website! I'm sorry but that's B.S. I just paid $16 a month and the told me same thing on their website. Last time I checked that was called "Bait and switch"! I didn't know we were dealing with used car salesmen here! I'm going to start a forum on this so no one else takes it in rear! ANDROID USERS, STAY AWAY!!

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              Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

              Hi Jeromen,



              Would you please direct us where you find on our website that you can edit using Adobe Reader app on Android device.

              If this is mentioned somewhere on our website I would like to get that corrected.


              Let us know if you have further questions. If you want to discuss this offline, please feel free to send me private message: How Do I Send  Private Message



              -Tariq Dar

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                jeromen5579890 Level 1

                Ok Tariq,

                Because your calling me out on this, not only am I going to post on your

                review website, it will be put out on all forums for all to see!!

                It clearly says," available on ipad/iphone, android and other!!

                I will send link to you after customers can read And see so I can prove my

                point and e everyone can read it.

                It really is a shame how a multi-billion dollar business can take advantage

                of the little guy!

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                  Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

                  Hi Jeromen,


                  Sorry if you felt that way.

                  What I meant is, if our website advertises that Adobe Reader on Android devices has the capability of editing PDF's, help us with the reference and I would like to get that corrected. Since that is not possible on Android device. 

                  Editing capability is only possible with Adobe Reader on iOS tab's only not even on an iOS phone.

                  Editing is available with Adobe Acrobat on Windows and Mac.

                  -Tariq Dar


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                    invinoveritasty Level 1

                    I too am struggling with the functionality of your Android offering.  From your website:

                    What can I do with the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app? 

                    The free Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app makes it easy to view and interact with PDF files from anywhere on your Android, iOS, or Windows devices. It also lets you unlock premium Document Cloud features to do more with PDFs when you purchase a subscription to Adobe Acrobat Standard DC or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

                    Are there plans to unlock more functionality on Android devices for Pro DC subscribers?  Thanks, Mark



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                      Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

                      Hi Invinoveritasty,



                      If you have a subscription to Acrobat DC or you have a subscription to Adobe PDFPack FAQ | Adobe PDF Pack  https://helpx.adobe.com/document-cloud/faq/adobe-pdfpack-faq.html

                      All you can have access to Export PDF service (Using which you can export PDF files to different formats), Create PDF service (using which you can convert different file formats to PDF format), Organise Pages Service (using which you can delete, rotate and arrange pages in a PDF file).

                      Editing is not available for Android devices. Let us know if you have further questions.



                      -Tariq Dar

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                        wernerm28640772 Level 1

                        Hi Tariq,


                        Is it possible to add custom "Stamps" to a PDF on an Android?





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                          KirkRS Level 1



                          Greetings Tariq & fellow Acrobat users,


                          WARNING-- LONG POST

                          (BUT NO HARSH LANGUAGE!)


                          I've found this topic just now via web search (not using Google though!).


                          I really appreciate what you've shared Tariq.  At least it now seems clear that iPads are feasible.  Any idea which model(s) and generation(s) of iPad actually work well, or at all?


                          I believe you are an honourable rep for Adobe, Tariq.  I can also very much understand Jeromen's disappointment. If the website wording is what Mark shared, I would definitely agree it is misleading about what you can do with either subscription (Acrobat DC or PDFPack) on a particular mobile device.


                          I'm going to assume this outcome is not deliberate on Adobe's part.  After all, what good does it do to upset paying customers the way Jaromen is? It would be great to learn that he and any other Android users received a partial or complete refund of their subscriptions.  And I think it's worth pointing out that Adobe's decision to offer month-to-month subs at least with DC nicely limits the liability and the damage, making such refunds much simpler and I really hope much easier.


                          Full disclosure: I don't work for Adobe or own any Adobe stock. Presently I use Acrobat XI standalone on Windows, and have used earlier versions dating back to 4.0 if memory serves me correctly. I actually don't like the programming directions Acrobat DC moved towards in the last couple of years,  but since version XI recently lost its official security updates support, I imagine I'll be forced to come along into the DC subscription world shortly.


                          Anyway... This happens to be a momentous day for me. Yesterday on ML King Day in the USA, Microsoft techs using the latest remote computing techniques tried for hours (again) to clean up various corruptions in my Windows 10 OS. They failed. So after 35 years(!) of endless struggles with bugs in successive versions of DOS and Windows (except for periods of blessed relief in the XP era), I'm putting my eyes on a different prize (a little Civil Rights Era talk, that!), or to put it another way I'm filling for a divorce from MS.  No more Windows PCs, laptops or other devices in my future, if I have anything to say about it!


                          This seems a feasible step to take because I have increasingly come to appreciate and rely on Android phones and pads. Now that Android N (Nougat, aka version 7.x) is appearing on many more devices, true windowing of apps has at last reached the masses, so to speak.  This resembled the key moment for Windows back in 1991 when Bill Gates finally managed to roll out a somewhat stable version (the famous 3.11)  that could more or less reliably switch dynamically between programmes without closing anything down (or crashing more than just some of the time!). It wasn't particularly robust, but despite lingering problems it revolutionised user experience at a price point far below that of Apple machines, while offering far greater diversity of hardware and accessories. I believe we have just now reached a similar breakout point for Android N+, the difference being some version of Android is already deployed on literally billions of devices, most of them smartphones. That's a whole lot better situation than Bill Gates and MS faced 25+ years ago, both economically and otherwise for Windows and independent software developers like Adobe!


                          Why didn't I just drop MS for its old sparring partner  Apple? Well, I did get an iPod Touch awhile ago just to keep abreast of iOS and its users, but can't say I'm personally attracted in that direction. Apple at its core (sorry about the pun) is just too directive, even authoritarian for my sensibilities.  It was always thus under founder Steve Jobs, and still remains so. I made a choice way back in 1983 to go PC rather than Mac. I don't regret my choice, and nothing has happened in the Apple universe to convince me to jump back on that track now -- if only because of the high costs Apple imposes for the honour of being in their hard. 


                          Despite the current ascendancy of the iPhone (and to a much lesser extent the iPad), I sincerely believe humanity will outgrow them fairly quickly as it enters more deeply into its collective adolescence and its relationship with tech continues to mature.


                          So, having said all this (and thank you all -- or perhaps any! -- for your patience if you've read this far), I find myself needing precisely what Jeromen and perhaps Mark as well are asking for or even demanding: the ability to edit text and graphics in existing PDFs on Android devices. Once I can do this, plus get reliable optical character recognition (OCR) of scans, and robust video and audio editing tools on Android, I can finalise my MS divorce. 


                          I figured Adobe would play a key role with my needs involving PDF editing, despite the proliferation of Acrobat knockoffs. I imagine Adobe will maintain proprietary licensing control over certain key features for some years to come. I have no problem with that at all, as long as you prove reasonably responsive to user needs.


                          Adobe obviously has not completely ignored Android, for which I am grateful.  I'm not so sure the same can be said for Chrome OS, which now shows definite signs of converging with Android into a single platform (check out the latest Chromebook laptop offerings that included Google Play Store access). In any case, what I believe is needed is serious PDF editing capacity built into one or more apps running on Android, Chrome OS, or both.  Not only is the installed base of Android close to DOUBLE that of iOS, but there are real signs that Android or perhaps Chrome OS could make dramatic inroads into the Windows installed base in the next little while.


                          I imagine that is what Jeromen and perhaps Mark as well sought by subscribing.  I would certainly join them in that wish!


                          It's early doors, I'm sure, but it would be very welcome news to hear Adobe is hard at work developing programming in the Android/Chrome fields. Can you help people like us learn more, possibly help with beta testing if it is needed, and the like?


                          You can reach me as needed on Facebook Messenger (Keith Schlesinger) or LINE (keith-schlesinger). I don't recommend using email at all if you really want to reach me!



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                            Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

                            Hi Werner,


                            Sorry for the delay in response.

                            That option is not available on Reader on Mobile devices yet. Feel free to write us about it via feature request form Acrobat Reader for Android: Top (273 ideas) – Share your feedback on Acrobat DC



                            -Tariq Dar

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                              mmore Level 1

                              I would also like to echo the statements of previous posters. I have an Acrobat Pro DC monthly subscription and am currently unable to reach a Windows/iOS desktop or laptop. I'm not a programmer by any means but given the fact that the full extent of the desktop application is available on (some) iPads and no other mobile device is just utter nonesense. It's not as if current smartphones are incapable of processing the files to the fullest extent of the PC features. Heck, I'd be willing to bet that a years old PC with the latest version of the app can do so. At the very least, and especially given Adobe's shift towards the cloud, there should be an online full-featured version available to all subscribers.