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    How to deal with continuously rasterize switch?



      I'm having some trouble with an effect I'm trying to use.

      I'd simply like to make a circle which builds up from its centre. I therefore use the effect 'radial wipe'.

      My problem is, when I want to watch my whole project, the effects looks different from what it actually looks like when I watch it in the precomposition where it's inside.


      This is the way it looks in the precomp & how it should look like:




      But when I watch my Main Comp, where the precomp is inside, it looks like this:



      I just realized that this odd behaviour changes when I disable the collapse composition / continuously rasterize box. Unfortunately I have to activate it to have a nice sharp image (I'm using vector graphics from Illustrator).

      I wonder how others handle that problem. I tried using bigger source files from Illustrator, so I don't have to activate the box, but even this left the edges very washed out.

      Another way is to resize the image in After Effects, then precompose and only activate the box for the actual layer, not the new precomposition.

      But these are ways which don't allow a good workflow, especially when I'm importing files from Illustrator with many different layers and have to resize every single one.


      So, how do you realize a nice workflow between Illustrator and After Effects so you don't have to struggle with unsharp images?


      (I'm using After Effects Cs6)