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    LR Mobile - Photos from Camera (not iPhone) to LR Mobile


      I am going to be traveling to Europe in the fall. I am concerned about the laptop travel ban so I am only planning to take my iPad. I am trying to develop a good workflow for getting my raw files from the camera card into LR Mobile. I purchased a WD My Passport Wireless Pro which is working perfectly. I can insert the camera card into the slot on the Pro and it copies the photos over. The Wireless Pro does not allow me to copy them directly to the iPad so I copied them to my Creative Cloud account. All is well to this point. My problem arises when I try to get them into LR. LR only loads photos that are stored on my iPad. Is there a way to access the photos in my CC account from LR mobile? I can do it one photo at a time by copying the photo, but it takes time to copy and render and it's hard to keep track of which photos I have copied. I may shoot 50 to 100 photos a day and that process is cumbersome.


      Thanks for the help.