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    The disappearing movieclip

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      Hello, hopefully I can explain this well enough that someone can understand it. First off, I have a movieclip which just holds an image; also a combobox, 3 graphics and then a movieclip component. I have no problems when I run this in the Flash player and everything displays great. The issue arises when I try to run it in a browser.

      Whenever I launch this thing in a browser, the movieclip component disappears. It is still there because one of the buttons on it is pressed and I can see my zoom tool yet the clip itself is not visible. Everything else is there (base movieclip with an image, the 3 graphics and the combobox) yet not my movieclip component which holds all of my 'controls'.

      I thought maybe it was something with the depths even though it worked fine in Flash so I did this:

      depthPos = cbx_Map.getDepth();

      where cbx_Map is the combobox that still displays correctly. Yet, this has not fixed it. Does anyone know any other tricks I could try or have any idea what is going on here? Thanks in advance.