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    lightroom sync message every time i make a virtual copy


      I am working in a gallery that was previously synced to LR Mobile, but have since removed it from Mobile. Every time I make a virtual copy it does this stupid animation and moves my cursor to the Identity Plate/ Progress area, and tells me that the virtual copy will be synced next time I activate mobile sync. This is REALLY annoying as it slows down my work flow incredibly, plus, this gallery should not be synced anymore. WTF! This seems like a really beginner/amateur feature to add to a pro-level program. Is there a way to turn this off or remove this animation? I use way too many virtual copies to allow this to happen every.single.time.

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Ensure you are signed in and that Sync is not paused, and then remove the master copy from All Synced Photos in the Catalog panel.


          The background is that when you stop syncing a collection, the photos remain on Adobe's server (All Synced Photos) and you have to remove them yourself. That change came in last year. However, there is a dialog box which explained this and which runs whenever you stop syncing a collection. Maybe you ignored it, or clicked do not show again.

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