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    Still can't move photos to another folder in Lightroom 6.8 for Mac


      I suddenly lost the ability to move photos from one folder to another via drag and drop (and I don't think there's another method). I've reviewed a couple of posts on this topic and none of the solutions work. So far, I have tried using shift-option to reset the preferences. I've deleted the preferences file and restarted my Mac (numerous times). (All that has done is give me those annoying first-time startup messages.) I've also optimized my catalog. I've checked permissions and I have read and write permissions to both of the folders in question. I've run Disk First Aid and found no problems. But moving photos does not work.


      I had this trouble a week or so ago, went on vacation, and when I returned, I was able to move one set of photos one time. After that, I lost the capability again. I get no error message; just nothing happens.


      System: iMac 27 inch, El Capitan, 10.11.6. Lightroom 6.8.