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    Moving from photo to photo


      Hi All,

      This is my first time here, but I have a question for the group.

      Is there a way to move from photo to photo in the library view without actually selecting from the first photo to move on to the next photo.

      I import into the library a series of photos. Then I put the view into just 2 or 3 photos up on the screen. I do this to do a quick select/reject process. But to move from one photo to the next, I have to use the arrow key or the pen on my pad. Is there a way that automatically selects the next photo in line to peruse after taking an action on the first one without my having to physically select the next photo in line?



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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          Turn CapsLock on.  That will turn on auto advance

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            I put the view into just 2 or 3 photos up on the screen

            I take it from this in your post- you are wanting to advance a selection "Group" while in "Survey" view mode. (or 'shuffle' the group selection one photo in advance)

            The easy answer is -No. (even with Capslock on- works for single selected photo only)


            I find the simplest way is to hold one finger on the [Ctrl] key and use the mouse to both select and de-select photos on the Filmstrip, thus just selecting the photos I want to see in "Survey view".  (Click /SHift+Click -  for a consecutive group)


            And the selected photo on the Filmstrip that is the "Most Selected" (click on the centre of the photo thumbnail- the Lightest grey border) will be the one photo that gets flagged or star rated by a key press [P U X 1 2 3 4 5 etc]

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