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    Premiere Elements 15


      I have installed Premiere Elements 15 onto my Windows 10 machine a while ago and today is the first time I've used it. When I import videos there seems to be no sound from my speakers, I have used version 10 of this software for a while now and regularly use Magix Movie Edit Pro so I am a little familiar. It doesn't seem to matter which format MP4, WMV or anything else just no sound.


      I can see the audio track in the timeline but nothing from the speakers any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you played with the settings in the Preferences/Audio Hardware? Usually changing them will get the sound working again.

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            williebegoode Adobe Community Professional

            Since you installed PRE 15 a while ago, check and see if there are any updates. Also, did you update Windows to 10 after or before installation?


            Finally, try this. When I first import my videos onto the Timeline, I get no audio, but if I wait a while, it comes on and appears in the "wave image' form. So try, import, go have a cup of coffee, come back and see if you have your sound. Use an old video file that you know works with PRE in the past.