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    Can anyone explain this logic?

    mr. figgles
      Totally been pulling my hair out over this over the past few nights...

      I have a flash file that has 101 frames.
      Frame 1 is a navigation page that does a _root.gotoAndStop(x); on 100 buttons.
      Each of the 100 frames there after have between 50 and 100 movieclips on them.
      Inside each of the movie clips there are 5 frames and 5 layers each one with a different picture and a stop().

      Why would pressed the level 1 button load fine, and each button there after load slower, and slower, and slower?

      The buttons all work fine, meaning they eventually load the data.
      The amount of data does not change from frame 2 to 100. In fact I can replace (and have) frame 100 with frame 2 and it loads just as fast as if it were the original frame 2.

      It almost seems like flash is playing through the 99 frames to get to frame 100.... even though I am using the "gotoAndStop" function.

      is this a generic problem? Any help would be SUPER GREATLY appreciated!
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          DazFaz Level 1
          Can you email me the file as so I can get a better look.
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            mr. figgles Level 1
            I have created a stripped down version and zipped it all up it's still about 1.6 megs, if that is ok to email you I just let me know your email... or I can upload it to my server and email you a link if that is easier...
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              Rothrock Level 5
              You do realize that this exact same question/issue has been posted here within about a week? The issue there was the way that the OP had created the instances on each frame. I can't remember exactly how. Search the forums.

              In any event, you are telling me that your movie has between 5,000 and 50,000 movieclips and each of them have 5 frames with stuff in them? And you wonder why it is slow?

              There has got to be a better way to make this file. Really. Dynamic loading, attachMovie, etc.
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                Rothrock Level 5
                Oh never mind. That was you.

                Really you are very likely never going to find a solution that allows you to put this much stuff on a timeline and have Flash work all that well.

                Look up tutorials on creating tile based games in Flash and try out what they are suggesting. Good luck!
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                  mr. figgles Level 1
                  Well, I am not deploying this on the web, so Im not trying to download that content. And I HAVE successfully done it before, without dynamically loading content.

                  The move itself plays amazing quick when you are on each frame. The problem is the difference between loading frame 1 and frame 100. That is the part that doesn't seem to make anysense.

                  It did seem to be a problem with the convert to frames however it seems to have come back to life, so it seems I fingered the wrong culprit. Thanks for your input.

                  I guess I will just figure it out...
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                    Rothrock Level 5
                    Doesn't matter that it isn't going to be deliverred over the web. The Flash Player has some garbage collection/memory managment issues that make it difficult sometimes with things like this. It supposedly got much better with Player 8, except some folks have found some memory leak things in that as well. And that is the issue you will think you've found one way to stop it, but it will later come back and get you from a different angle.

                    I really think there are many, many solutions that wold be easier to develop and debug than what you are trying to do.