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    Upgrading LR 6

    Howard A. Levine Level 1

      I have LR 5 on my pc desktop and on my macbook laptop.  Can I upgrade both of them to LR 6 without having to pay for more than one upgrade? !@

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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          One License for LR 6 will allow two active installations at any point in time. However the activations are controlled through your Adobe account online. So unlike prior versions you have to install and activate while online with your account. So you can Deactivate from one computer and activate on another once you remain in the limit of two activated installations.

          Earlier versions of Lightroom also allowed two active installations but were not "policed" in this manner

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            Howard A. Levine Level 1

            Thanks,  that was more informative information than I got from the online chatroom.