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    Specific Hard Drive Setup for Hybrid Drives, SSD, HD RAID:

    bjkat81 Level 1

      I am looking to set up a rig for Premiere and After Effects with these components:


      3  2TB Firecuda HDD "Hybrids"

      1 SSD (C drive, almost full with OS and apps)

      3 1TB 7200 HDD (which would be in a RAID 0 probably) - backed up with an external drive

      600GB Velociraptor 10,000 - which I may or may not use - not sure how this stacks up to the hybrids


      I haven't found any advice on the forums about how to set up these hybrid drives, where they fit into the picture


      I found this setup in the forums:

      C: SSD for OS & programs.

      D: ____ for media and projects (because of the size of the media and frequent changes in projects).

      E: ____ for static page-file and exports.

      F: ____ for media cache and previews, although a HDD may give you better life expectancy but also slower performance.


      I have four 3gb SATAs, and three 6gb SATAs free


      I appreciate the help, I know that there is probably a thread for each user's specific setup.  Thank you


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