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    Importing Catalog from Laptop To Desktop Error

    brockburwell Level 1

      I am still looking for an ideal workflow, but as of right now my idea is to import photos to my laptop and cull and do some light editing before transferring those photos over to my desktop for the real editing (at least that's the idea). This week I went ahead and edited a lot on my laptop. When I tried to import that catalog from the laptop to the desktop, my desktop gave me an error and didn't allow the photos to be imported. I troubleshooted it a little bit and was finally able to get them imported, but instead of importing the culled and edited photos from my laptop, it imported all the RAW images showing no signs that they were culled or edited. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? I assumed that the desktop Lightroom would simply take exactly what was in my laptop's Lightroom and have it imported into the existing catalog, but instead it's all the photos instead of the culled photos.


      I currently have a 2017 MacBook Pro and a 2015 iMac