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    Edit Class Definition is not saving


      Hello, I'm taking a class and we're using Animate CC, and I am in need of help. We are supposed to create a new symbol for a timer in a game.

      I successfully created it, and am now adding the code. It instructs to right click the timer in the library, go to properties, and click edit class definition.

      When I add the code we are supposed to add, I am supposed to save it, so I do that and save the .as file.

      To make sure it works, the only code we're supposed to add is a trace code that will say a message in the output menu.


      When I run it though, it does not give a message.

      So I reopen the code, doing the same thing...properties...edit class definition.

      The code is reverted to the previous code and my code is not saved anywhere.



      How am I suppose to solve this?


      Thank you.