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    360 Krpano in Edge Animate

    BornfreeNZ Level 1



      I am hoping someone might be able to help me with adding a 360 Krpano html5 360 panoramic to my Edge Animate project.

      I have a floorplan view with Panoramic buttons.

      When you click the button a pop up window appears with that Panoramic file. (tour.html)


      I have limited skills in Animate however I could probably work it out with the right help.


      If I import the Krpano html file into animate only the SWF file shows in the Library.

      Images folder from Krpano is missing so not even the SWF will work.


      So I am presuming I should link the button to a URL that has the working pano file.

      If this is the correct way, am I able to create a window with specified length and width that will show this URL as a pop up?


      Do I need to alter the Krpano html file or leave it as it is?


      What action should I use?


      Any help would be great.