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    Missing entry in config manager in aem 6.2

    krishc76025392 Level 1



      we updated cq 5.6.1 to aem 6.2 recently and came across below issue.


      There is a configuration service that need to visible in "system/console/configMgr" but not listed in aem 6.2.


      That service looks like below:

      @Component(metatype = true, immediate = true)



         @Property(name = "service.pid", value = "com.me.now.dealer.service.DealService"),



      public class DealService extends GenericQueryService implements DealerService {}



      And i can see below log in error.log and not sure whether these are related:


      17.07.2017 11:56:56.620 *ERROR* [qtp529707541-3446] org.apache.felix.metatype Missing element AD in element OCD :  bundle://481.6:0/OSGI-INF/metatype/com.me.now.dealer.service.DealService.xml


      instance: localhost-author and upgraded dev author



      Does anybody know why it happened and how to fix it?