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    Interactive Video tool


      I am looking for some general advice about which Adobe product would be best for my project. I've used Adobe for years and and know there must be an easy way to accomplish my goals using one of the tools- I'm hoping someone with experience can give me some tips.


      I'm trying to build an interactive video with chapters. Not timeline markers, but actual graphic chapters visible to the left of the video. Do I take the coding route with Dreamweaver or muse or something, or does Captivate offer this ability (not part of creative cloud I realize). I considered using Animate but don't think it can handle the video as well, and it seems that Premier does not offer this ability. Looking for any ideas about the best way to approach this.



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          pziecina Level 6

          Animate using the html5 canvas may be able to handle this, if it has been updated to recognise the cursor position which would enable you to control the video, (probably best to ask in the Animate forum).


          You could also program this yourself in Dw, but again i do not know if the javascript code hinting for the api is supported.


          How it would work is by inserting your video and chapter 'menu' inside the canvas element, then getting the cursor position using the canvas api from the canvas element. All work with the canvas element is done using javascript, so doing this in Dw or Animate would require a good working knowledge of it. Animate uses a js abstraction program to work with the canvas element, so a knowledge of how one works with that would be necessary.


          It is worth noting though that this is certainly not a begginer project no matter which program you use.

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Interesting question.  The first thing that came to mind was the Lynda.com video tutorial format.  Basically chapters on the left (although not graphic ) which lead to separate videos within the workshop series.   But I think you want more than that.


            Possibly doable in Acrobat Pro which supports video and chapter points.  See link below for details.

            Add audio, video, and interactive objects to PDFs in Adobe Acrobat




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