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    Latest After Effects CC 2017 Offset changed / Is not working


      Hello all - I noticed that in the latest After Effects (and Premier) that when using the Offset effect with scaling, scaling (or zooming) does not use the center point as the anchor point. It has moved to the top left corner of the footage.


      To test, 1.) grab any footage 2.) add offset to the clip 3.) set a keyframe with scaling 100% 4.) set another keyframe later with scaling 200%


      You'll notice that it zooms to the top left corner. In the previous version, it would zoom to the center of the footage. I noticed because I had saved a preset animation that used to work perfectly, but after the update, stopped working. The effect is described in this video (Sam Kolder smooth ZOOM transition tutorial (free) - YouTube )


      Finally, when I render out an AE comp with Offset enabled, Media Encoder fails to encode with the following error.



      - Encoding Time: 00:04:51

      07/17/2017 06:09:53 AM : Encoding Failed


      Export Error

      Error compiling movie.



      Accelerated Renderer Error



      Unable to produce frame.



      Writing with exporter: H.264

      Writing to file: /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/..........

      Writing file type: H264

      Around timecode: 00:00:08:03 - 00:00:08:06

      Rendering at offset: 7.641 seconds

      Component: H.264 of type Exporter

      Selector: 9

      Error code: -1609629695






      It seems like something got hosed with the Offset effect in the latest release.