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    Ability to Re-name Text Anchors?


      Hi - I'm looking for a way to re-name the text anchors that appear in the cross-reference panel. Example: I've named our photo cross-references 01, 02, 03 ... 30. Our cross-reference style takes care of formatting, (e.g. "See Figure 12 on page 10.") However, when new images are added, the panel becomes messy and difficult to work with. Without being able to re-name the text anchors, inserted or moved images become, "08 NEW", "02 current" or similar.


      Note: this is different than having the links auto-update. Even if the names in the panel are crazy, the auto-update feature works and the text in the document appears fine for the end-user/reader. I'd just like to improve my own sanity for clean composition (and clean links for a translation service that might need to use the original .indd file when translating.)


      Reference: We currently use InDesign CC/cloud, but we have used InDesign CS6 and earlier as well.


      Is there a way to re-name the text anchors themselves?

      Thanks - Dan

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          You can use the X-ref panel menu > Hyperlink Destination Options:

          • Set Destination to the anchor you want to rename
          • Change Name to the new name


          I'm wondering why you are working with text anchors in the first page. Why not use a paragraph x-ref that references the picture caption, i.e., Figure 12?