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    parsing ComboBox and rssfeed data

      I am trying to create a Flash rss feeder that will put the rss data into a dataGrid and make it linkable within the cells.

      I can get only one URL to read into the dataGrid. When I try to do multiple URLs, it coughs and won't do anything.

      I am trying to pass the data from a ComboBox to the retrieve Button. From there, the Button triggers the ReceiveXMLConnector and the data goes to a DataGrid. The thing is - I can't seem to pass the individual data from the ComboBox to the Button. I created a variable to put the ComboBox data into and tried calling that from the button, but it didn't work.

      Also - anyone know how to use more than 1 URL? I need to have a different URL for each news feed. I first started this in Flex, but after 2 days decided to go back to Flash when I couldn't get the data to even go into the grid.

      Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated!