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    Multiple embedded Vimeo videos result in long loading times + preloader issues



      I have been trying to create a proper page on Muse CC 2017 that contains several (18) embedded Vimeo videos.

      The problem is that the page takes a long time to load and loads in a weird way:


      1. enter page

      2. browser progress bar loads — no content visible

      3. browser bar stops loading — no content visible

      4. content eventually shows up a few seconds later


      (I've tested this on Safari and Chrome, on OSX El Capitan)


      Using a preloader to tackle the long loading time doesn't work, as all preloaders I used (either free/paid widgets or through manual jquery/html/css), seem to kick in too late —  simultaneously with the content showing up (point 4 above).


      Is this issue familiar to anyone? This is driving me insane, as the total lack of feedback when the page is loading will surely steer visitors away.


      Thanks in advance.