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    Issue copying and pasting odd text symbols

      Hi All


      I use an authoring program to pdfs with contain symbols from another program.  The symbols are shown below as red diamonds.  acrobat pro detects the symbols as odd text, I think.  The odd text symbols do not appear as regular graphic images.  I can move the symbols can be moved using the edit pdf menu but I can not paste them.  I want to copy and paste them into other acrobat pdfs.  My old pdf program could do this function.  Can anybody offer me some advice on how to copy and paste the symbols.







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          Tariq Dar Adobe Employee




          It is very hard to comment on issues which are file specific. Per my understanding Acrobat might be treating these symbols as an image.

          You can right click on the each symbol and save as image and then try to import as an image. And place them where you like.

          Let us know if that helps.


          If you already have found a solution to this issue, please update this discussion with your findings.



          -Tariq Dar

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