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    Combine Logos in One Document


      I need to combine two of our company logos into one document, with a line between the two of them. I then need to export it as a high-res .png. I have been trying and it doesn't look like it's saving as necessarily high-res, and it's definitely not saving as .png. Any ideas? I probably am going about this completely wrong - placing both logos into a Photoshop document and then exporting as .png. Any help is appreciated!

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          Combine two logos in one file:

          1. Open both logos
          2. Decide which file is going to contain both, and add canvas to accommodate the second logo.
            (Image > Canvas Size is one way to increase the height of the canvas).
          3. Once you have room for the 2nd logo, choose Window > Arrange > Two Up Vertical.
          4. Use the Move tool to drag the 2nd logo into the first file.
          5. Use the Line tool to add a shape layer for the line.


          Export as png:

          1. In current versions of Photoshop, use File > Export > Export As.
          2. Set Format to .png and Export all.


          I'm curious why you need a "high-res png". What is the plan for the file? png is normally intended for online viewing, and high-res is a requirement for printed documents. The two aren't often used together.

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            nikkim98357805 Level 1

            Hi Barb,


            Thank you so much for you help!


            I'm new to this...so maybe I don't actually need it in high-res .png? It is for a sponsorship t-shirt, so I just figured they would want it in png form. Would you suggest just leaving it in .jpeg form?

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Nikki:


              Two important tips:

              1. Always ask what format the printer wants—they want you to succeed, and they will be happy to tell you what format they prefer. If you are working through a website and not a person, hunt around for the submission instructions—they will be there somewhere.
              2. A JPG format is lossy, which means that when you save a jpeg file, it compresses the file by throwing away data. If you save a JPG multiple times, you will lose enough data to make it worthless. So, if someone gives you a jpg file to work on: open it in Photoshop and immediately save it as a Photoshop document (.psd). Work on it and save it to your heart's content. If you need to output to .jpg, just save the Photoshop file and the use that same File > Export > Export as dialog box, only this time choose Format=JPG.