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    Duplicate photos that cannot be deleated

    richmc1 Level 1

      In Photoshop Elements I have duplicate photos ( occasionally three or four)  that I have not been able to delete.  After I delete them they reapper.  I have tried, no luck,  deleting these duplicates three times now only to have them reappear.

                   Any suggestions?



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          arshla jindal Adobe Employee

          HI Richard,


          You might have multiple duplicates of same file present in your ctalog.


          You can try searching for duplicates and remove them simultaneously.


          • In Organizer, go to find menu> By Visual Searches> Duplicate photos.
          • It will give you a pop up listing all duplicate files row-wise.
          • You can either stack them, by button present on right, or right click these files and select Remove to delete them from your catalog.

          Also see Removing duplicates