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    Editable Font


      I figured out how to create an Essential Graphics Template from After Effects to Premier; with the support comment section to give it the instructions it needs for premier.


      While working with the template I noticed "Source Text" allows you to change the text from AE to Premier when brought into premier from a Cloud Library.


      Now that being said, does anyone know the "comment" or setting to allow the font to be changed from AE into Premier.


      As of right now I know how to set the "Color" and "Source Text" to be manipulated but only if I could do the same with the font.



      Does anyone know if this is something in the works?


      Also based on what AE can do, there is no "effect" that allows for font change apart from the generic title system within AE.


      Please help, does anyone know? I am so close to developing a fully customizable template from AE into Premier.