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    Why is Adobe Desktop Service running?


      I'm having issues with LR running at a very slow speed, especially when I try to use the Adjustment brush—there is a definite time delay between using the brush and anything happening. When I checked my Activity Monitor (on a Mac), there are a whole number of Adobe related processes that are running. I'd like to know why and if I can turn them off (Adobe Desktop Service, AD47 Service Manager, CCX Process, CC Library, Core Sync, Core Sync Helper [twice], Adobe QT32 Server, Adobe IPC Broker, and Adobe Crash Daemon).

      I have LR 2015.10.1 version on a Mac Pro with 20 GB RAM running OS 10.11.6.

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi mcclynn,


          As I understand that you are facing a slow performance issue with Lightroom. Please update Lightroom to CC 2015.12/6.12 update also, you may try turn off the graphics processor from the Lightroom preferences and check if that helps.


          Steps for turning off the GPU

          Open Lightroom > Edit menu > Preferences > Performance tab > Uncheck the GPU > Restart Lightroom.


          The processes which are running in the background is important to run the creative cloud desktop app services on your machine along with its applications.




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            bob frost Level 3

            You can always try disconnecting your Internet cable or disabling your network. I do that quite often when I get fed up with masses of programs all doing something that I've not asked for! I had a friend who ran LR and PS on a dedicated computer that was only connected to the internet for updates, a few times a year. He used a laptop for email etc.


            You can also try disabling the CC Desktop program in your Startup folder, and just enable it again when you hear that there is an update.


            Bob Frost

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              mcclynn Level 1

              Thank you for your answer, Mohit. I just updated to CC 2015.12, so I'll hope that will correct any issues. I'll also try turning off the GPU if I experience the slow-down again.


              Also, thank you, Bob. I'll try your suggestions as well.


              I appreciate your help—both of you!