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    How do make visualisers?


      I need to find either a piece of software or some instructions on how to add visualising effects to client's websites. E.g. I currently have a driveway paving company client who want their customers to be able to load up digital photos of their own driveways into the website and then select the area of the driveway and replace it with the various paving stone options they have, so the client can see what their drive will look like. There is an example of this at http://www.marshalls.co.uk/transform/driveway_visualiser/index.htm

      I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? I believe this can be done in flash?
      Thanks for your time.


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          Pete_Hughes Level 1
          It would be a piece of cake to take a picture of a house, knock out the driveway in Photoshop, and run it in Flash with all sorts of driveways to pick from. Letting a customer put driveways on a picture of their own house raises it to a far tougher problem IMO. I would hate to promise a client that I could do that. Notice that your link points to Director not Flash.