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    Unable to set mask/matte correctly in AE


      So, I have a solid layer that I've animated to move across the screen. At one point, it occupies about half of the screen, and I want a 2nd layer to be overlaid on this solid layer, but nothing else. However, when I try to either set a matte for this 2nd layer, it either masks everything or nothing. Further, when I try to do a track matte (all four variants), it also masks either everything or nothing. It appears to be that the mask is applied to the original position of the solid layer, and fails to take into account that it moves!


      Is there any way for me to get this 2nd layer to be overlaid on this solid layer properly? I feel like this is something AE should support since generally you want to mask where a layer CURRENTLY is, not where it USED to be, but I can't figure out how to do it right. Thanks!