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    Replacing stroke colour to empty boxes




      I was wondering if it was possible to replace the color of the stroke on empty boxes (no text inside) and/or lines in a whole document at once.


      I have a file that has Clear text that I have to bring up occasionally with a simple Find/Replace all with a specific colour.


      Now, I have been asked that the information relating to the Clear text was also boxed in "to make it easier to identify"


      The thing is that while the text is clear these boxes should also be transparent, and be visible when the text is visible.


      Usually this is with 16 page documents and it seems that the only way I can do this is manually. Is there a way to make the border on these empty boxes visible without affecting all the other text boxes?


      So far, it seems I would have to make this process manually, but am hoping there is a solution for this.


      If I am missing information to provide to solve this, let me know and I'll try to provide.

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          I'd suggest setting up an object style to control the frames. Object styles are similar to paragraph styles but instead of controlling how paragraphs look, they control how frames look. For more details see: Use object styles to format objects in an InDesign document


          Just assign the style to the 16 text frames that need to updated. Once they are using the style, if you need to change the stroke color, you can just change one manually, then right click the style name in the Object Style panel > Redefine Style, and the other 15 will change at one time.


          One more tip, Find/Change has an object option. If you had hundreds of frames, you could find a text frame and paste in the object style. If you haven't done this before, it may take more time to set up than to just locate the 16 frames manually to assign the styles, but if the project grows, it's good to have this in your back pocket.

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            yogeshs98007026 Level 1


            I would suggest you to do it with 'Find and Replace Tool' in that use object tab for doing it so e.g: find any object with the specific stroke color and replace it with the one you need and before doing this I would also suggest you to make a style sheet for it find the object and replace it with the style you have made. Hence, if incase you need to do some major changes like now it will be simpler for you to do so by just editing on object style

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              benjaminv12112784 Level 1

              Thanks both of you, after years of using InDesign I had never had to actually create a style so I did not even think of that option.


              Also, I had not realised that there was a Find/Replace for objects.


              I guess you learn something new everyday. Cheers!