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    Increase PDF Size


      This is totally counter-intuitive, but I've run into a recurring issue when submitting PDF's to a number websites that request PDF forms. (Resumes for Job applications for inquiring minds). The issue occurs when uploading chokes on a PDF because it is too small. Warnings ensue.

      In my experience, a 2-page resume can run between 200kb to 300kb.

      I have applied hacks in the past in an effort to increase the size.

      1) Adding a signature can increase the file size by about 200kb

      2) Editing the PDF by adding a text field can double the file size

      These measures have worked in some cases, but but not all. I have experienced sites that fail to accept a PDF under 800kb.


      1) What can be done when site managers limit their accepted file size limit to an unattainable size?

      2) What is the most effective approach to artificially inflate a PDF file size when I run into this issue in the future?

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Quite frankly, this question probably wins the all time award for the Acrobat forums in terms of the weirdest request! 


          In our previous experience, we've never encountered a website or any service that complained about an uploaded PDF file strictly on be basis of the file being too small in size (in terms of bytes, I assume).


          You say that “the issue occurs when uploading chokes on a PDF because it is too small. Warnings ensue.”


          Exactly what do you mean by “chokes?” Does the browser freeze and stop responding? Webpage HTML errors?


          And exactly what type of “warnings” are issued? Warnings imply that there is something you might want to check, not that there is necessarily an error.


          It is not a particularly good idea to attempt to artificially inflate the size of a PDF file since there may be side affects. For example, we assume that you are creating a PDF file with fonts embedded. But Acrobat's font embedding typically only embeds the glyphs actually used in the document. Conceivably, you could add a paragraph of 2pt white text in Times New Roman accessing hundreds of characters defined in that font yielding an added burden of up to half a megabyte. But many if not most websites to which you submit résumés tend to scan the text within the PDF file, regardless of its display size and color. Garbage text might simply disqualify such résumés and thus, be very counterproductive.


          Give us a bit more information about “chokes” and the “warnings” and for that matter, perhaps identify the websites themselves so that we can give you (and perhaps those who run such websites if in fact they really are rejecting compact PDF files) some meaningful recommendations.


                    - Dov

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            AppleCedar Level 1

            Its definitely an odd one. Here are a few more details.

            In my most recent experience, the site appears to be using the TalemetryApply system.



            1. In the application process, users are presented with an option to upload a resume
            2. Choosing the upload option take the user to new page with a browse/upload feature
            3. The PDF can be browsed to and selected
            4. Once acquired, choosing the "Upload" option takes some time for a response


            Error Message: "Cannot process your resume - it may be too small. Check file and try again."

            By "choke" I mean the file fails to upload, the error message is provided, but the browser can also crash at this point in the process.



            I believe the memory issue is actually a red herring. Having pushed the PDF size up to 1.3Mb and finding the site continues to fail on upload.

            I have been using LucidPress to generate a source PDF. (https://www.lucidpress.com). Then print to PDF to generate a final, subset of files including separate CV, Resume and References PDFs.

            On a hunch, I suspect it may have something to do with the number of fields in the PDF.

            This is not the 1st time I have experienced this issue although it is a rare occurrence. I cannot say if the other occurrences were leveraging TalemetryApply or not.


            Thank you for the details on file size and cause/effect notes on some of the hacks I have chosen. The fonts are definitely embedded.