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    Why does Indesign apply leading to lines after, instead of the line selected?


      I have selected a line of text and tried to increase (or decrease) the leading and instead of applying to the line selected (fully highlighted) it applies the increase or decrease to the lines below, regardless of whether they are within the same paragraph or a in a completely separate paragraph.


      This happens only within some of the text boxes within the document; in other text boxes the leading works as expected. I have tried creating new text boxes (with no object styling) with placeholder text with both 'basic paragraph' stylesheet and no paragraph stylesheet applied, and the leading does not work properly in either case. (The text is aligned to the top of the box, not locked to baseline or anything else.)


      This is all happening in one document so far; I've checked old docs, and created new docs, and the leading works properly in both cases.


      I have checked all the formatting of both the text and the text box and can't seem to find anything to account for it. I've restarted the program, the computer and also reset Indesign preferences. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Thanks!