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    flex and server side language

      I wonder if Flex can integrate with MsSql through a server side language such ASP or ASP.net. If it does, can someone provide a link that explain how it is beeing done.

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          yes flex can be very surely integrated with mysql,,,
          here is the link which help me damm sure.

          there are people who worked out with it,, so u would also get perfect results

          The application allows you to remotely manage a MySql database. You can:

          * Look at a graphical representation of the database (figure 1)
          * Execute any type of DML and DDL statement (figure 2)
          * Examine the definition of each table (figure 3)
          * Quickly access the data in each table

          To install:

          1. Download sqladmin15.zip
          2. Unzip it in the context root of your web application
          3. Edit sqladmin.properties in WEB-INF\classes and specify the appropriate driver and url to connect to your database
          4. Edit flex-config.xml in WEB-INF\flex and define a named service in the <remote-objects> whitelist as follows:

          link is :

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            ntsiii Level 3
            I haven't looked at Christophe's example, but yes either classic asp or asp.net can serve well as an integration tier.

            I have a complete example that uses flex 1.5, HTTPService,classic ASP, SQLServer, and the Northwind database. Send me your email address if you are interested.

            I also plan to update that example to Flex 2.0 and ASP.NET, but don't hold your breath.