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    Photoshop saves copies of files when "Convert to Linked"?


      I'm working with a huge amount of product photos that I place on a canvas PSD. Each smart object is an edited product photo. Throughout the process, I constantly edit the product photo when I notice more corrections to be made.  I "Convert to Linked" each product photo I place because it helps my workflow. That way, when I edit the product photos, the links on my canvas updates automatically (or at least lets me know which of the linked PSD product photos were edited and needs to be relinked).


      However, when I "Convert to Linked", Photoshop duplicates the product photo file and links it to the duplicate. So what happens is that instead of linking it to productphoto.jpg, it creates productphoto-1.jpg and then links it to that file.


      Any idea why this is happening and is there a way to turn this off? Every time it does this, I have to delete the duplicates and then relink all the images to the original product photo files. It's very counterproductive.


      Thank you so much for your help!