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    What to do when different effects need different bpc?

    gomerpyle3333 Level 1

      I'm working with Particle World CC, which works best at 8 or 16 bpc.  But the glow effect I put on it needs 32 in order to actually glow.  How do you get around the fact that many effects works with a incompatible bpc?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There's usually nothing to "get around". Going from a 8bp or 16pc effect to a 32bpc one is uncritical in that the integer ranges will simply be assumed as float ranges between 0 to 1. If there is any trouble, most of the time it affects the other direction - converting from float to integer and retaining the appearance can be tricky, but that's what the Compander and Color profile Converter are for - you simply stack them inbetween critical effects when working in 32bpc. Of course it still may take tweaking, but it's not as complicated as you make it sound.



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