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    Lightroom iPad app presets vs Lightroom presets


      I'm trying to locate a preset from my iPad app version of Lightroom - B&W/Portrait B&W - but can't locate it in the full version on Lightroom on my computer. The presets in the full version don't seem to correspond to the App. Perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong place. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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          Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Linda, I didn't look through and compare the presets, but you can easily create this yourself in Lightroom Desktop. On your iPad  select a photo  that you have not worked on at all. Apply the preset. Once the photo and work are synced back to Lightroom on your desktop, in the Develop module you would generally want to look through the panels on the right to see what work the preset did. I did this and saw only B&W panel work - it was converted to B&W and the B&W mix sliders had changed. Now to create your preset Click on the + to the right of Presets at the top of the panel and give the new preset a name. Check the Treatment and Black and White Mix boxes and then hit Create. Finally to test the preset, reset the photo you worked on and then apply the preset - it should look the same (you can click back and forth in History to compare - click on the step before Reset, then the last step applying your preset.

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