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    Cannot sign in to Lightroom mobile on Mac desktop

    philipn95815980 Level 1

      I'm having big problems getting Lightroom mobile to work in Lightroom on my Mac desktop.


      I commented on another forum thread but nothing has come of it to solve my problem, and maybe my problem was off-topic, so here's a fresh thread.


      So I want to use Lightroom mobile.  Apart from anything else, I need it to use the web portfolio.


      I'm signed in to Creative Cloud on my Mac.  I'm running Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC.


      In Lightroom CC version 2015 10.1 (build 1117303), I see the message "Get started with Lightroom mobile" at the top left.  This is odd, really, because I set up Lightroom mobile some time ago.  But it certainly implies it's not working, and in Lightroom's Preferences, in the "Lightroom mobile" tab, it says "Not signed in", so I guess I need to set it up.  Again.


      So I click on where it says "Get started with Lightroom mobile" at the top left.  A box appears underneath - "Sync with Lightroom mobile" and to the right, "Sign in".  So I click "Sign in".


      This is where the problems begin.  A dialogue box appears in Lightroom with the title "Lightroom mobile", with fields inviting me to sign in.


      Just as I go to enter my email address and password in the boxes provided, the box changes, the login fields disappear and the message "Connecting..." briefly shows; then a few seconds later, the dialog reconstitutes itself with fresh empty fields.


      It seems I have to be quick, and enter my credentials before the box disappears.


      But once I enter my email address, the box disappears before there's time to enter my password.


      In a mad hurry I manage to enter both email address and password, and hit return, before the box changes.


      But then, the dialog box disappears, then flashes back into existence with a message "Connecting...".  Then it disappears again.  This process repeats forever.  I can't use Lightroom to do anything while it's happening, because it keeps appearing and interrupting what I'm doing.


      I go to quit Lightroom, thinking a restart of the application might sort things out.  But I can't quit the application.  I have to go to the macOS Activity Monitor app, and force-quit Lightroom.


      Once quit, if I re-launch Lightroom, the "Get started with Lightroom mobile" message has re-appeared at the top left, and in Lightroom's Preferences, in the "Lightroom mobile" tab, it says "Not signed in" again.


      If I try the whole thing again, the same thing happens, as described above.


      I tried quitting Lightroom, signing out of Creative Cloud then signing back in.  But that doesn't help - the same process happens.


      I've checked for app updates - I have the latest of everything.


      I have no firewalls or proxies that would affect connections. I've checked my Internet connection, and it's strong and stable.


      I noticed someone did a re-install of Lightroom but continued having this problem, so I'm reluctant to do that for nothing.


      Does anyone know what exactly is going on here, and how I can fix it?  I'd like to use mobile and portfolio !