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    Lightroom import


      Recently I have had issues trying to import photos. I have photos on different drives and have tried to copy to other drives and then import, but when I try to import, they do not show up - I don't see any previews, and it tells me it can't find images to import.

      I have lightroom 6 - and just in the past month, been having trouble getting the lightroom software to recognize files for importing (can see them in bridge and explorer).


      Anyone have any ideas?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          What is the exact word-for-word error message? Please also describe the exact steps you follow to do this import.

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            mikaels71195823 Level 1

            Can't you open up the folder where the image is then rightclick and choose "Copy" then move the image to the new folder? Then when all images are in same folder import them all into Lightroom. Look if the "Don't import copies" are checked that can stop the import.


            Sorry that's is in Swedish: The text in the red box says; Do not import suspicious duplicates


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              michelel76085457 Level 1

              There is nothing to click on even though there are files there. It (the lightroom software) doesn't see the images. So I am not able to get it to upload from any drives (have card reader in one slot, a portable hard drive, and even my main computer - it doesn't recognize any new images.

              I tell it to import - do not have any previews, though there are boxes with file names, I leave it as "check all" since I can't see what it is, press import, and then it just stays at that screen, but isn't importing anything. I close and exit the import dialog box and it tells me none were imported.

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                michelel76085457 Level 1

                I also have to re-boot every time I want to open lightroom. It won't load after clicking it after I have had it opened then close it, the try to open it again. I click it, nothing opens.

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                  axmelissarios1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  Hi michelel76085457,


                  Are you still encountering this issue? If so, could you please answer the questions asked above from dj_paige? These answers will be helpful for us to narrow down what's causing the problem.