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    Topics Do Not Display

      Topics do not display after I compile the help file--the pages are blank. When I am creating the topics, I see and can edit the text associated with the topics. When I go to view the help file after compiling it, I get the following message on the page that appears:

      "Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page you requested. The page might be temporarily unavailable.

      "Please try the following:

      "Click the Refresh button, or try again later.

      "If you have visited this page previously and you want to view what has been stored on your computer, click File, and then click Work Offline.

      "For information about offline browsing with Internet Explorer, click the Help menu, and then click Contents and Index.

      "Internet Explorer"

      I am using Internet Explorer 6.0.
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi RadBean

          Where oh where might this help file be? Please don't reply with "well, it's on our network drive". If you do, I'll have to congratulate you on being about the 2,000,000 th user to ask the question since Microsoft changed the playing field about a whole year ago. If this is the case, Click this link and read on.

          Also, if you are working on your project while keeping the project files on a network drive, move them locally immediately. This forum is littered with all sorts of issues people have reported and moving files OFF the network and ONTO the hard drive was "the fix".

          If this is the case, you might come back with "Well, our IT folks say this is the way it has to be done, as our hard drives aren't backed up and the LAN is". And you know what? They have a most excellent and valid point. So how to work around it? You place a COPY of the project on the LAN at the end of each workday and allow them to back up the copy.

          Working locally is always a good thing... Rick
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            RadBean Level 1
            Thanks, Rick, that corrected the problem.