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    I never receive email from the forums, despite proper configuration

    Charlie Arehart Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Adobe folks, can anyone help me find out why I never get email from the forums, despite having proper configuration? I have confirmed that my profile preferences have the right address, and all checkboxes enabled. And I have confirmed I have threads marked to follow as email, and yet I never get any email.


      I've even used features in the forums that are supposed to send email (such as the option to create a discussion by email, which proposes to have Jive send a vcard), and I never get them.


      The email address in my preferences is definitely correct (and I can confirm the email is not being spam-caught on my client end, and I have server spam catching). It seems more like somehow Jive is failing to get the email to me, like perhaps it has blacklisted me or thinks it's on a blacklist (though I run a weekly check to make sure I am not on any RBL).


      Is there any way to confirm whether email is being sent from Jive? or if it's being somehow blocked?