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    Restoring data from XML - guideBridge.restoreGuideState

    James R Green Level 3



      I am attempting to restore data on my form using the XML.


      I have created a simplified test version of my form, with a few fields and two buttons.


      Button 1) Gets the XML

      Button 2) Attempts to restore the XML



      To get the XML I am doing the following:


      var getDataXML = function() {
         var XMLdata;
         success: function (result) {
         XMLdata = result.data;
         error: function (result) {
         console.log("Get XML Failed to get the xml data");
         guideState: null,
         boundData: true
         return XMLdata;


      Then to restore it, I attempt the below:



      var restoreData = function (inData) {
         data : inData,
         success: function(guideResultObject) {
         console.log("successfully restored ",guideResultObject )
         error : function (guideResultObject) {
         // log the errors
         console.log("error restoring state ", guideResultObject)



      The XML is extracted successfully, but restoreGuideState doesn't restore the information back on to the form.


      I am able to restore from a JSON string (obtained from guideBridge.getGuideState) successfully by changing line 4 in the restoreData function to:


      guideState : inData.guideState,



      But cannot get this to work for XML. Has anyone successfully done this? From the documentation it looks like the xml data has to be from a url:


      Adaptive Forms Class: GuideBridge


      Alternatively is there another way to load the form based on xml (dataXML)?