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    Contact Form using a Gmail account


      I have been trying to add contact form to the following website - greyhawknewhomes.com I recently updated the MX Records on the Cpanel with my Godaddy account,  as directed on one of the other forums to select the following mode - Remote Mail Exchanger.  I also added a Captcha to the form with both keys: site keys and secret key. I'm using two different emails for message delivery both emails are hosted with Gmail. I also contacted the Adobe muse support team they try to help me with all these issues but at this point, I'm not successful on getting any emails submitted with the form.


      I also check the website on this test site and all green marks came up fine - http://greyhawknewhomes.com/scripts/form_check.php

      Not sure what else to do in regards to this problem ???? HELP !

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          Looks like you have performed all the troubleshooting discussed either forums or live support.

          I am also sure that you checked but still for confirmation have you seen the junk mail folder of respective emails?


          Also, did you get a chance to have a word with GoDaddy regarding this issue?





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