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    Need help please (repeat same procedure multiple times)


      Im a novice on photoshop, i used it a few years back but cant remeber anything


      i have a range of trainers for my website and i want to make them all have a white background be the same size 1000x1000 pixels and all be on same postion on the canvas


      whats the best way to do this without distoring the image





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          ceyhun_akgun Adobe Community Professional
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            norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP


            Select the object and Cmd+J to place it on a separate layer. Then turn off the eye in the Background layer. (Fig 2)


            Image > Trim … Transparent Pixels… Trim Away: Top, Bottom, Left, Right. OK (Fig 3)

            Image > Image Size. Reduce he image size to your standard. Be sure Constrain Proportions is checked. (Fig 4)


            Image > Canvas Size, Uncheck relative and if the object is to be centered the dot in the diagram should be in the center. Set what you want the image area to be…your standard size of image. (Fig 5) 


            File > Save as a PSD (Fig 5) and then save as a JPG for your web page. The jpg (Fig 6) version will automatically add the white surround.


            Note that you may create an action for much of this method.

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