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    Data Merge To Multiple addresses Double Sided Postcards

    ricks43263218 Level 1

      Is there a way with Indesign data merge to run 2up postcards on a 8.5x11 sheet front and back and run multiple address on the back. When I have the InDesign document setup and set my data fields the multiple records is greyed out so I cannot duplicate the address to the second postcard on the page. If I delete the front postcard I can do the data merge without any problem. Contacted Indesign tech support and they said they did not have an answer.


      If I just have 1 postcard on the page front and back I can do the data merge no problem merging the data. I'm trying to not have to run the postcards through the printer twice.


      Trying to do this is this too complex for data merge in Indesign?