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    Just released Lightroom Mobile

    Bob Somrak Level 6

      I have just started playing around with the new Lightroom Mobile and the new DETAIL and BRUSH tools are very welcome.  Also, I like the new tool layout which looks and operates more like Lightroom.  One thing that seems odd is the choice of the tool panel names and contents of the tool panels.  The different tools are scattered around in Mobile, for instance CLARITY is now in EFFECTS and the TONE CURVE is in LIGHT which is BASIC everywhere else.  It makes one wonder if the people working on the Mobile app actually ever used Lightroom or ACR.  The Panels should contain the same tools as Lightroom and ACR and be named the same.  Also, the  HSL/COLOR/B&W panel should be more consistent between all three apps.  ACR doesn't have a COLOR panel and the Mobile app doesn't have an HSL panel which shows all the colors at one time to adjust HUE/Saturation/Luminance separately like Lightroom and ACR so all three apps are different.   This is not a big deal as the TAT tools works well and trying to do color adjustments on an iPad without a calibrated screen is an exercise in futility.  Hopefully the Lightroom interface doesn't stray too far in the iOS direction.