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    PDF clear when emailed and opened in browser preview but not clear when opened in Adobe Acrobat


      Hi there,


      This problem has been driving me insane for years and now that I am sending resumes out I need to make sure my PDFs are displaying clearly!


      Ok, so I have a Mac, and whenever I save a Word Doc (I have Microsoft Word for Mac) or a Pages Doc as a PDF it comes out slightly blurry when I open it in Adobe Acrobat, not professional!


      BUT when I email the documents and open the download in my web browser (as gmail and chrome will let you do) it's crystal clear! But if I download it again and open it in Acrobat, back to blurry.


      What's going on! I am scared this is affecting employers view of me if they are downloading my resume instead of previewing it. Does anyone have a solution?