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    Indesign CC asks me to complete my profile and register my product

    Hildred Rex

      Up until I clicked the notification just now, InDesign CC, for which I have a payed subscription, notified me to complete my Adobe profile and register my product every time I launched the application. Upon clicking the notification InDesign sent me to log in to my Adobe account, which i did. My account information tells me I have an active subscription for InDesign, but that "You have no registered products."


      My subscribed InDesign CC works just fine, so why did it keep reminding me to register my product? How do I register a subscribed Adobe CC application? Is it even possible? I thought registration was only used for products bought on physical media before Adobe started with its subscription model.


      I've searched applicable parts of Adobe's web site quite thoroughly but have yet to find an answer to this conundrum.