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    Link Buttons Disappearing

      I am working on a help project extracted from a .chm file. I am unfamiliar with the creation of the original help file but when viewing the compiled .chm file a series of topics following a particular browse sequence (for a Quick Tour) include buttons ("Next" and "Previous") as an alternative to using the browse sequence viewer. When viewing these pages in RoboHelp, I cannot find any sign of these buttons, and if I edit one of these topics in any way the buttons disappear from that topic in the compiled .chm file. I'm trying to figure out:
      1. Where I can find some sign of these buttons in Robohelp.
      2. Why the buttons disappear from the .chm file when I edit one of these topics in RoboHelp.
      3. How to put these buttons back in as they are helpful in navigating through the Quick Tour.