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    Screen shows black with bursts/flickering



      I bought a new computer from Dell (Inspiron 7700) and have problems using Lightroom with it. I can use it without any problems in the beginning, but as soon as the temperature goes high, the screen turns black and starts showing extremely short flashes/bursts of the screen. I hope you can understand this description? It is flickering, but mainly showing black.

      Unfortunately Dell told me, that this might be a software problem of Adobe and I should ask here for help, so I tried to google the problem and searched for solutions in the forum here. I deactivated the graphics boost in the options, I updated all drivers for the chipset, graphics card, bios, ... but nothing helped.

      So my question is, do you know this behavior in Windows 10 (on Dell Laptops) or even in general, and how could I solve it?


      I really thank you for helping me.

      All Best,