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    Mask Path continues to animate - even though I deleted those keyframes.


      I'm working on a very basic animation for a client for a large media wall in the lobby of their building. The animation is rectilinear strokes changing size and shape, and I've decided to use my Trapcode 3D Stroke to give them a little more visual interest. (After the basic anims are set I'm going to do some camera stuff)


      Problem is, after animating a few strokes (setting keyframe on Mask Path, moving forward 3 seconds, selecting individual anchor points, moving those, setting another keyframe at new time), one stroke randomly decided to "jump" in it's animation. Vertices were supposed to gradually move to their new potisitons, but nothing happened for a couple seconds and then the position would update to where it should be.


      I shut down AE, restarted and brought it back up but the problem persisted. Then I said screw it and deleted the keyframes. Now, not only is the animation still going, its still jumping as well.


      It shouldnt be moving at all, as I've deleted the beginning and end keyframes telling the path to change.


      The path was made with the pen tool (mask) onto a solid layer before applying the 3D Stroke effect.


      CC17, Mac OS 10.12.5, 16GB, Intel Core i7.


      Thanks in advance for any help I can get on this.

      Screenshot 2017-07-18 14.42.13.pngScreenshot 2017-07-18 14.42.49.pngScreenshot 2017-07-18 14.42.58.png