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    Move HDD from server to desktop


      I have read many Q&As regarding moving images from one hard drive to another, etc., but I cannot find any answers regarding exactly what I plan to do.


      I use the Photographer's package... so, Photoshop & Lightroom CC. All works very well.


      I have a network set up in my home with a Windows Server. One of the drives on the server contains all my images and nothing else. I do my work on my desktop computer, where the software is installed and where the catalog is located. I have mapped a drive on the desktop that points to the server HDD with my images. It all works very well, but I intend to take the server out of service soon as I am retired and really no longer require it for anything else.


      My plan is to remove the physical HDD (which holds all my images) from the server and place it into my desktop. So... no moving of files from one disk to another, the catalog will not move, etc.


      I just need to know how to make sure the catalog will point to the exact same disk with all the same images. The software will obviously believe it is a different disk. The only potential problem will that the catalog will not actually see the HDD and all of the images when I do that. I just need to be sure that the catalog will be made to point to, and recognize, the disk.


      I am familiar with the whole catalog vs the operating system situation. I am a computer consultant and have actually taught friends about organizing images in LR, the catalog, the pit falls, etc. I just need to be comfortable with how to manage this planned transition.


      Thanks for any assistance.